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Saturday, 15 May 2010

day two hundred and fifty seven, gosh blue monday

don't forget to change your links! today is the last .blogspot post, they will all be on dailypolish.com starting tomorrow!

okay. i take back every bad thing i said about gosh polishes. i am now convinced my gasoline was a bad bottle. i took a chance and bought another gosh polish despite my bad experience from last time and i'm REALLY glad i did! i LOVE this colour!! blue monday is a blue polish with blue, silver and purple microglitter mixed in and it sparkles something beautiful on your fingers. i was soooo happy with this one, i just kept moving my fingers around to see the different coloured sparkles reflecting!

i did need 3 coats for this one...i might've gotten away with 2 but i went with three because that's my preferred choice!

gosh polishes are available (at least in the UK) from superdrug and cost £5.xx (i think maybe £5.85?? i can't remember!)

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Friday, 14 May 2010

day two hundred and fifty six, bourjois carbon black

i must admit i discovered this polish after hearing about it from helen of nice things! it's a bourjois polish (their black eyeliner is my favourite!) and it's a really cool sparkly black with a green flash. the only problem was i tried desperately to capture the green flash and failed miserably...but i promise you, it exists!!

i found the brush to be kind of strange...they made it so it would be a 1 coat brush but i definitely needed 3 coats for full opacity. i took pictures of the brush to show you...it's not as odd as the rimmel brush but still worth mentioning!

i do like that the bourjois bottles are the colour of the polish inside...i mean it would be very easy to decide which bourjois polish to wear if you just had to go by the colour of the bottle!!! this is the only bourjois polish i've ever tried, their shades just weren't really worth owning because they were middling price was (~£5) and the shades weren't that unique. i am quite pleased with this one though!!

one thing that really irks me with this brand is that the polish names don't appear on the bottle, just the number. you have to go searching to find the proper name! so if you want to buy this one, look for number 24!

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daily polish secret changes revealed!

YES. this is my big secret! i've been working with a wonderful web designer to create my own domain and an entirely handmade blog created only for me using my ideas, colours and anything else i could think of!

i've been working on it for over a month now and we're finally ready to launch on saturday. so saturday's post will be the last .blogspot one and on sunday everything will be at dailypolish.com !

there will be a redirect in place but just in case it goes wrong that is where you will be able to find me!

can't wait to show you all on saturday!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

day two hundred and fifty five, nfu.oh 125

man. have i waited long enough to justify another nfu.oh post? no? yes? who CARES! not me, i HAVE to show you guys this polish. i've been dying to wear it since i purchased it (which was about 3 weeks before i actually had it in my hands because if you use slow post from the US to the UK you can usually escape customs!)...it should be obvious why, it's GREEN! i love weird green shades and this is the epitome of amazing green to me! it is so full of microglitter/shimmer and i can't stop staring at my fingers and moving them about to see how it glows!

this is actually the first non flake nfu.oh polish i've ever worn and i could not be more pleased. it applied like a dream, super pigmented and very smooth on the nail. it has great coverage, i am always a bit disappointed when i feel the nail polish doesn't cover the natural ridges and flaws on my fingernails (and on everyone's fingernails!) and this polish did not give me any problems. LOVE.

i can't even keep writing, i just have to show you pictures. my words cannot do it justice!

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

day two hundred and fifty four, rgb slate

alright. i know i've been really hard on my gunmetal colours and i don't really have a good reason but this one is AMAZING. i don't have a bad word to say! but i'm not really surprised coming from RGB, they're beyond fantastic and worth every penny (speaking of pennies...i spent all mine on a huge rescue beauty lounge order, i might have justified spending $200 to qualify for free shipping. suffice to say i think i own every RBL i'm even remotely interested in [in additions to the ones i already own]!!!).

ANYWAY, this is a fantastic grey/black/silver colour jam packed with microglitter and shimmer to an extreme. i couldn't begin to capture it's awesome-ness on film so i shot a video with my loo fan as background music. it is silly but it is worth a view to see just how captivating this polish really is!

this is 3 coats, i only needed two...well, technically i needed 3 because i kept unintentionally smudging the second coat!

my hinted dailypolish changes are so close to completion i can almost taste it! there will, of course, be a celebratory giveaway so stay tuned!!!

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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

day two hundred and fifty three, barrym pink flamingo

man. i do NOT like this colour. i think it might be flattering if i had a tan...but ugh. talk about a colour that does not suit my personality at ALL. i don't even know what i was thinking when i picked this up in the store. i wanted to like it, i genuinely did when i purchased it...but as soon as it was on my fingers we were at war!

it's a soft pink...i have no idea if it's part of their new shades or not (barryM displays don't go by any particular organisation other than nail polish grouped with other nail polish and it's listed alphabetically so i don't know if it's new or not!) and it applied well...it just did not suit me so i couldn't wait to get it off my fingers. i can't be objective about this one so i'm only going to say that it applied well and had a good consistency.

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Monday, 10 May 2010

day two hundred and fifty two, china glaze thunderbird

here's another goodie from china glaze called thunderbird. thunderbird is from the fall 2009 'retro divas' collection and is the birthplace of my favourite blackened reds by china glaze! thunderbird is one of them, it's a bright ruby red shade...like a fantastic red lipstick! it's more red toned than skate night which leant a bit more burgundy. i love these blackened shades, they are darker on the outside and it looks like they are glowing in the centre of your nail. the glass fleck effect of china glaze polishes works super well here!

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Sunday, 9 May 2010

day two hundred and fifty one, jessica casablanca

oh MAN. so this is one of the jessica polishes i picked up at debehams. AMAAAAAAZING! it's called casablanca and it's a black jelly with microglitter...except it's not just plain blue microglitter it is somehow purple, green and blue all at the same time! man, i am in love with this polish!!! i tried really hard to capture the different effects of this polish, i can only hope i did it some justice!

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