Thursday, 3 December 2009

day ninety one, barielle shades blackened bleu

oh YAY my laptop power cord is back. thank goodness. using steve's computer was terrible. i love my laptop!!!

today we have blackened bleu by barielle shades. this is the last of my barielle shades polishes and possibly my favourite. i tried to make it more interesting than just standard nail shots by showing the first coat of polish so you can see what it looks like! unlike a lot of polishes that attempt this (black polish with dense glitter) this one actually pulls it off without appearing JUST black. there are a lot of colours i desperately want to love because i love the appearance of the black and coloured glitter...but usually it just looks black so it's disappointing. this thankfully not that at all! the blue glitter is really bright, not dark blue so it captures the light. also it's incredibly dense in the polish so it just helps the polish stand out.

i stuck another decal on my thumb that was given to me by's some sort of decorative S which i guess is cool since my name is Sara? who knows!

anyway, enjoy!

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Blogger Lucy said...

Love this shade. Pretty manicure.

5 December 2009 at 17:08  

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