Thursday, 29 October 2009

day fifty nine, icing awkward

here's another great one from icing (the claire's nail polish brand). this is a great green...i do love me some green! it is a darker green than the barielle green that was a yellow-green...this is..less yellow? does that even make sense!? i have trouble describing colours i guess. i was never very good at anything beyond the primary/secondary colour wheel! this has a bit of a shimmer but not a totally noticeable in your face one. just adds a bit of depth...but of course i couldn't capture it. the sun and my camera were at war. i raised my camera...the sun went away and vice versa. there was no winning! either way it's a nice colour, definitely still going to catch attention since it's not a super dark green that could pass as any vamp but well loved in my book all the same!

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