Tuesday, 3 November 2009

day sixty three, 17 amaretto

in england there are 2 major drugstore chains, superdrug and boots. superdrug is where you find barryM and some other UK drugstore polishes and boots has the no7 and no17 lines. these are their cheap lines. they have polishes for £6ish but i won't spend that much on a drugstore polish when there are so many discount polish etailers.

but moving on! this was another case of me finishing my manicure, setting the bottle down to do the topcoat and then after it dried i couldn't figure out where i put the damn bottle. so no bottle pics. but this one was hard to capture. it's a red shimmer with a definite brown flash. the brown...just didn't happen on camera. if this is named after the liquer amaretto it is definitely a misnomer. i would say this is more of...a merlot? a shiraz? definitely not the golden amber colour of traditional amaretto.

it's a nice colour, nothing too unique or special. i had to use 4 coats to get some sort of even opacity throughout my nails. there were lots of bald spots to cover. i don't know if i'll ever use this again but for £1.30 i guess that's acceptable!

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